AI and Chatbots Can Help Organizations Meet Rising Customer Expectations

The second wave of Covid-19 pandemic has forced many people into thinking of more drastic measures of keeping themselves safe. Being at home, everyone is relying on online means of shopping and this is why customer expectations are now at an all-time high. While the online orders are increasing for all businesses, the need of offering quality customer service has also increased. This is why, instead of hiring remote customer support that businesses can’t handle properly, companies are opting for AI powered chatbots developed by the best chatbot solutions provider near them. The reason behind all this is to save the time of the customers. 

It is a fact that with all the COVID-19 precautions, time has become an extremely precious resource for all of us. We have to juggle family, work, friends and many other chores, all from home and this adds to further frustration. If bad customer service adds to this, people may end up boycotting a company and taking their business elsewhere. In these times, people are expecting businesses to value their time and make engagement easy. Delivering answers and resolutions to customers in a highly personal manner is also a must. The most important among these is the context of customers’ actions and journeys as they hold the key to making more sales. 

Common chatbots can answer tabulated questions, but they never get the context of the customers. Organizations in numerous sectors such as higher education, health care, professional associations, and retail can really benefit from utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in this regard. This will provide better user support to people. Sadly, U.S. companies have so far been slow in adopting AI technology. Per a report released by the US Census Bureau,  only 2.8% of companies in the USA use machine learning. There are many chatbot development companies in the USA but the adoption rate is still very low.

Chatbots that are powered by AI (AI chatbot technology) and have machine learning supporting them can easily help businesses in meeting customer expectations. This interesting technology allows business organizations to offer quick solutions to common issues faced by the customers. It also learns from the customers and adapts to their preferences. This allows it to anticipate customer needs and offer more personalized responses that work like a charm. The industry that has a lot to gain from this adoption is none other than higher education. This is the only industry that continues to face challenges in providing personalized services and support to students. This leads to a trend of reduced retention and enrollment.

More businesses should work on employing AI to their customer service in 2021. There are numerous technology and marketing agencies such as the Bester Capital Media that are offering AI Chatbot services to businesses around the world. If you are a business aiming at boosting customer retention and increasing online leads you should get the service of such companies and give your online business an AI powered chatbot.