The Philippines, recognized as the most developed economy for outsourcing, has just started to gain popularity in the field of offshore virtual assistants. More than the limitless source of cheap quality labor, virtual assistants working in the Philippines also have an inherent versatility. For businesses who are constantly on the look out for cost-effective but highly skilled helpers, they turn to the Philippines. But why is it that so many companies in the U.S. and Europe are lining up over here?

Virtual Assistants Philippines

The answer lies in the Philippines’ natural bounty. Mind you, being a rich country, with a diverse landscape as its key feature, the Philippines has a lot to offer anyone looking for the third world economy. And this, in turn, has led to the rise of Filipino virtual assistants. In a span of just a decade or so, the Philippines went from being primarily a supplier of low-grade electronics to an internationally accredited provider of high-quality computer programming. The Philippines can even boast of world-class universities and technological infrastructures.

To take advantage of these attributes offered by the Philippines, international IT companies can avail themselves of the Philippines’ massive pool of cheap labor force. At present, there are more than a hundred thousand Filipino domestic workers who are employed in offshore IT companies. The Philippine government encourages the growth of both domestic and foreign IT industries. So it is with great enthusiasm that the Philippines has become the latest destination for virtual assistants and other offshore workers.

In hiring Filipino virtual assistants, you will find that they are exceptionally trained and experienced in computer programming. Because of their proficiency in the English language, they also speak the language fluently. With their highly advanced expertise in this field, they are proficient enough to be your legal assistant, data encoder, payroll clerk, bookkeeper, and other administrative personnel that you need someone to do for you in the Philippines. In hiring Virtual Assistants Philippines, you need someone to do the following:

The Philippines is currently emerging as one of the best lead generation countries for foreign direct investment (FDI). In the last three years alone, the value of the Philippine currency has gone up by forty percent. Because of this rise in demand for Filipino products abroad, there has been an increase in the number of foreign businessmen who are planning to invest in the country. With the help of the internet technology, these businessmen are able to access information about the current market conditions and the Philippine economy, which could give them valuable insights on what kind of products to promote in the country. Through the use of Filipina online agents and social media virtual assistants, they are able to achieve greater efficiency in business transactions.

As more FDI companies choose to invest in the Philippines, there is a great demand for qualified Filipino staff in these companies. Although a lot of recruiters target European and American applicants, it would be more practical for companies from overseas to hire Filipino staff because of the many advantages that they offer. When you hire virtual assistants Philippines, you can expect a mix of professionals from different areas of the Philippines, such as marketing, data encoders, accountants, SEO experts, and other support staff. Having a large pool of foreign employees will help the company cut down on the cost of training its own employees. With the help of a local professional, it will also be easier for foreign businessmen to deal with the problems that they encounter in dealing with Filipino workers.

Aside from this, you can expect a lot of perks when hiring a Filipino virtual assistant. One of these perks includes medical benefits and retirement packages. Unlike most countries, you can expect your Filipino employee to get medical coverage as part of their regular salary, and they can also opt to purchase their own medical insurance if they want to. Another advantage is that most virtual assistants working in the Philippines are offered free housing and free medical treatments when they retire.

The Philippines is a great place for both global businesses and international personal assistants. By choosing to make use of a virtual assistance firm in the Philippines, you can save money for outsourcing work, as well as time and effort in dealing with cultural differences. Although a lot of people who have chosen to work in the Philippines do not speak English well, there is no reason why you shouldn’t hire an expert who can help you with everyday tasks. Most of the time, foreign businessmen and women who hire virtual assistants also make friends with the Filipino people, and over time, they might decide to live in the Philippines themselves. Hiring a private Filipino virtual assistant can surely give you great benefits.

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